Taishō / 対称 - Ratnagiri Estate [Red Honey] [Limited Release]

Taishō / 対称 - Ratnagiri Estate [Red Honey] [Limited Release]

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Red apple and peach, juicy acidity with a long clean finish.

Tasting notes: Red Apple, Peach, Brown Sugar

Roast: Filter

Farmer: Ashok Patre
Location - Bababudan Giri, KN
Elevation - 1250 - 1450m
Varietal - Catuai
Process - Red Honey

Weight - 250gm / 1kg

This is a Red Honey process micro-lot from Ratnagiri Estate in Bababudan Giri, Karnataka. The farm is owned and operated by Ashok Patre.

Honey process coffees are broadly categorized as Yellow, Red, or Black honey - depending on the mucilage content and drying time. Red Honey coffees are usually very balanced coffees that fall somewhere between Yellow and Black honey. We decided to name this micro-lot “Taishō”, which means “symmetry” in Japanese.

For this lot, the ripest Catuai cherries with a high sugar content of Brix 20 were picked from an elevation of 4400 feet at the estate. The cherries were then pulped using an Eco-pulper. The pulped coffee was then moved to raised African beds where it was raked regularly over days till it reached the desired moisture level of 11%. By this time the coffee was coated with a red honey-like layer!

All of the milling, grading, and vacuum bagging was done on-site at the new micro-mill, affording Ashok complete control of the post-harvest process.

Our head roaster has drawn inspiration from his coffee journey to Japan while naming the 2020 Limited Release coffees.