Kerehaklu Estate Lot Ficus [Strangler Naturals] [Filter Roast] [Microlot]

Kerehaklu Estate Lot Ficus [Strangler Naturals] [Filter Roast] [Microlot]

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Tasting notes: Peach, Rosé, Sweet Lime

Roast: Filter

Farmer - Thipaiah Family

Location - Chikmagalur, KN
Elevation - 1165m
Varietal - SL 6
Block name - Onti Kallu Patte
Block details - Plenty of old jackfruit and fig in the canopy, as well as some areca (betel) nut, with gajje lime in the understory.
Soil - Good microbial activity, blackish-red and high water retention.
Biodiversity - High fungal diversity, block frequented by elephants in summer and monsoon.
Brix at harvest - 23.5 (one day before)
Process - Strangler Naturals.
Fermentation - 60 hours, anoxic, without water.
Details - After float removal and sorting, fruits are kept in clean barrels with one-way fermentation valve.
Drying - In Parabola on raised beds.
Raking on raised beds - By hand every 30 mins.
Ageing - In jute, off the ground.

Weight - 250gm / 1kg